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Selecting a right used car is very important. A normal buyer may not differentiate between a Good and a bad quality car. Good Appearance alone may not guarantee a good Quality car. And a quality car without proper documents is also not a good buy. Pricing of a car depends on a variety of factors like quality, the Accident free history of the vehicle, No. of previous ownerships, vehicle condition, status of original paint, model, kilometre driven, etc. Hence buying a car from the right place and the right dealer is of paramount importance. JAINS takes utmost care in all these aspects and saves the buyer from a wrong choice and thus saves the hard earned money of the buyer.

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Advantages for buyer from JAINS
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Advantages for buyer if purchase from JAINS

  1. Genuine Pricing.
  2. Guaranteed Non- Structural damage to the car.
  3. Guaranteed good quality.
  4. Clean documentation.
  5. No hidden costs.
  1. Transparent Deals.
  2. Wide range and choice
  3. Pre – checked cars.
  4. Peace of mind.
  5. Clean title guarantee.
  1. After Sales Sservice.
  2. equipped work shop.
  3. Seller's bonafides verified.
  4. 2 free services
  5. Chennai’s most trusted used car brand.

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