Jain's Price Index

Again an exclusive Jains Car Initiative ! ! ! - First of its kind ! ! ! - From their study and understanding of a Car Owner’s mind and psychology, Jains found that every Car Owner / Buyer /Seller has an anxiety to know the Pricing and evaluation of their Car while Selling or Buying. To help such Owners who may not be Customers of Jains or may not necessarily be inclining to sell their Cars, Jains have come out with a Concept where Owners / Sellers can just enter details of their Cars and Jains will guide them about the Market Value of their Car subject to Terms and Conditions and Physical Verification of the Car. Jains also offers Free Evaluation of Cars. This Innovative Concept is catching up fast and has won accolades from Car Buyers as it helps them in paying the right and fair value for the Car they are buying and save them from paying more and Car Owners as it helps them in selling their Cars at the right price and not at undervalued rates.

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